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Mettle from the house of swasthum wellness is a brand aimed to provide world-class health products. Having a highly trained in-house R&D team enables us to provide international quality products having premium quality ingredients sourced from the best suppliers in the world. Mettle Carbo Fuel provides 100% pure carbohydrates energy-packed punch. It is a fast-absorbing formula that is lab-tested against our nutrition claims. This Carbo fuel formula is sufficient for your daily carbs needs and to provide you energy on the go for increased endurance.

  • Mettle carbo fuel is a sustained carbohydrate release formula. Mettle's R&D team developed this formula specifically for athletes in need of high carbs evenly distributed over a long period of time.
  • Contains high-quality carbohydrates, to keep you going longer during those intense workout sessions.
  • An excellent way to increase your calorie intake for gaining purposes.
  • Takes care of your glycogen and cortisol reserves. If these are not present in sufficient quantity, they can trigger a muscle breakdown response and ultimately the loss of muscle mass.

    Mettle Carbo fuel is a rich source of protein that helps to build lean muscle, enhances recovery, supports healthy metabolism, and reduces muscle loss.


    The amino acids in protein are the building blocks of muscle protein synthesis. A whey protein shake consumed before or after exercise helps kick-start this recovery process.


    100% Veg, Non-GMO, No Soy, No Sugar, No Chemicals, and No Banned Substances.

Frequently Asked Questions

Milk contains various forms of proteins, whey is one of the most efficient and performant forms of protein for muscle-building purposes. Word ‘Isolate’ signifies that fats and carbohydrates have been removed and protein content has been isolated.

Athletes who are on an extremely controlled diet of carbs or fats.

We use imported whey compounds from USA’s and Europe’s most highly-reputed manufacturers.

Regular ‘whey protein’ is whey concentrate which is a concentrated form of whey protein. There is only one difference between isolate and concentrate and that is the former do not contain any fats or carbs while the latter one does.

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