Divine Fantasy Of Dual Deliciousness, Spreadelicious by Mettle

Divine Fantasy Of Dual Deliciousness, Spreadelicious by Mettle

Divine Fantasy Of Dual Deliciousness Add more to your snack

India is still not entirely familiar with the concept of breakfast spreads. We have only a handful of brands doing it the correct way. Indian consumers are either being kept from this heavenly taste or being entrapped into buying the wrong products. The concept of ‘breakfast spread’ is simple; it makes your breakfast, mood, and day ten times better. Breakfast spreads come in several combinations of flavors. Some are sweet, some are savory, but all are supposed to be delicious.

 Mettle Spreadelicious

Considering India’s aptitude for culinary arts, it was about time that somebody picked up the scent of chocolate. After the success story of 10 flavors in peanut butter, India’s very own brand, Mettle, brings a new product to the market, Spreadelicious.


Spreadilicious, a jar filled with happiness & deliciousness for people looking for an exciting addition to their breakfasts & snacks. Dive in the delicious see of twin fantasy, a unique mix of two unique mouthwatering flavors. Freshness and various health benefits of hazelnut, like weight management by lowering cholesterol, improving insulin sensitivity, reducing inflammation, and supporting healthy heart health, make this hazelnut spread a healthy & tasty creation from Mettle. A smooth & creamy paste developed using premium ingredients. Mettle’s personal touch adds Rosemary herb, considered a cognitive stimulant and can help improve memory performance and quality. It is also known to boost alertness, intelligence, and focus. Add the deliciousness to your snacks with Mettle’s Spreadelicious.


As usual, Mettle will bring this product out in several flavors. We already have three flavors, including Dark Chocolate, Coffee, and Strawberry, thoroughly developed. The rest of the flavors are under development and will soon be released in the market.


No more jumping from brand to brand; pick a good product that goes with your elite taste and isn’t just a bunch of sugar packed in a box. Mettle is here with one solution to make your breakfast & snacks delicious, Spreadelicious. The richness of Hazelnut & Cocoa powder in every bite. One for everyone.


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