Is Whey Protein Good For Women?

Is Whey Protein Good For Women?

In this article, we will discuss whey protein and its effects on women’s bodies. First and foremost protein supplements (products) are generally considered to be something that only muscle-pumping men are supposed to use, it’s far from the truth. Women need just as much protein as anyone else. Let’s keep these myths to the side and go further into the discussion of the pros and cons of whey protein on a women’s body.


What Is Whey Protein?

The bookish explanation of Whey protein is “Whey protein is a mixture of proteins isolated from whey, the liquid material created as a by-product of cheese production. The proteins consist of lactalbumin, lactoglobulin, serum albumin, and immunoglobulin”. Let’s face it none of us understands that so, let me try to tell it in simple terms…  whey proteins are extracted from dairy products and are generally used for the betterment of athletic abilities. It also helps in reversing the weight loss caused by underlying causes. An unknown fact about whey proteins is that it’s one of the best-studied supplements in the world.


Does It Cause Weight gain?

No! I cannot stress this enough but whey protein does not cause any weight or fat gain as long as it is consumed in recommended portion size. The myth is that Whey is bad for your health because it causes weight gain as it has more calorie content than normal protein supplements but this is the opposite of the truth. Whey protein is just as healthy and helpful as any other protein supplement available on the market. Most people men or women are afraid of weight gain for obvious reasons and are easily caught up in these rumors and myths. This is a never-ending cycle once you get in it then it's there forever. Consult your dietitian or doctor and go for it.


Is Whey Protein a Steroid?

Steroids are the biological compounds that affect your cells and tissues to make them unreasonably and abnormally large.  Some mischievous and unethical trainers recommend such steroids to their clients for an easy win in the gym. Some steroids are naturally created in the human body. Overall, steroids have a bad image in public, and people are scared that companies are pushing steroids with a fancy new name as ‘Whey Protein’. It is not true whey protein is extracted from dairy(milk) products. Whey protein isn’t a steroid and it doesn't have steroids in it. If you are still unsure then go for trusted brands like Endura Sure or Mettle.


Key Benefits of Whey Protein you should know about -

  1. Aid in Developing lean muscles
  2. Better feeling of satiety
  3. Good for maintaining muscle mass
  4. Develops better stamina
  5. Lesser carbohydrates will be a help in your weight loss journey(With a weight loss diet)
  6. Absorbability rate higher than other proteins
  7. Good for muscle mass and weight gain(With weight/fat gain diet)


Whey Protein is not for Women. Fact or Fiction?

The idea that whey protein is not good for women is a myth. Whey is as profitable and healthy for women as it is for men. The only difference is the quantity, according to the Indian Council Of Medical Research(ICMR) the requirement of protein for a reference sedentary male is 60 g whereas for a reference sedentary female is 55 g per day. These numbers are derived after extensive research, do not fall for the idea that everybody needs the same amount of protein. The requirement may go up with the intensity of your workout accordingly.  Only take the required amount of protein because excessive intake of protein may result in an over-bulky body in both men and women.


Effects Of Whey Protein On Women.

Men and Women have different protein needs based on different hormonal and muscular systems. There are no specific proteins made for only women or for only man the differences are in the portion sizes they take. Women, generally speaking, needs a little less amount of protein because they have less testosterone hormone levels compared to man so their muscles are easily repaired. However, women are generally more worried about what they are consuming than men. Whey protein falls right in that category in which they’ll feel comfortable taking. It’ll help them with Muscles & Bones growth and repair. It’ll help them a lot with their weight loss journey because it reduces their blood sugar level. Whey protein also controls your blood pressure and eases inflammation. Studies show that whey is much better than its plant-based counterparts.


Should You Take It?

In one word, yes. Go right ahead if you’ve decided to go for whey protein. It’ll be helpful for your muscles and bones health plus it’s a cherry on top if you are an athlete and even if you aren’t an athlete a little better nutritional plan has never harmed anyone. Consult a certified dietician and get Whey protein included in your diet plans.



In conclusion, if you look for the correct brand with the appropriate certification you’ll always be happy to know that either men or women both can benefit from whey and if you pick the correct brand and product there are very little to no side effects of whey protein. There are several good brands out there like Endura or Mettle. If you are looking for Whey Protein, Try Mettle Her Whey Premium Protein.



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