Should We Take Whey with Water or Milk?

Should We Take Whey with Water or Milk?

In this blog, we will discuss the best way to take whey protein. And, also answer an age-old query like ‘Should we take whey with water or milk’. Now that, You have found the best mix of whey protein based on your market research and nutritional comparisons to help you gain the best results from your workout. And, what if it can all go south if you miss out on one tiny detail when consuming that protein. Mixing whey with water or milk? The liquid which you use to dissolve the powder is equally important as the powder itself. Let’s begin.

Q. Mix Whey protein with Water or Milk, if you are losing weight for leaner muscles?


Whey With Water
  • Whey protein mixes if we take in water as if you want quick results and lose weight from your workout routine. 
  • This can be easily understood with the simple calories calculations, two cups of low-fat milk contain around 150-200 calories, if you use water to mix our whey protein, you will not be consuming those extra 200 calories and it will be easier to achieve those leaner muscles.
  • Whey protein when mixed with water makes it easier for our body to absorb them and quickly too. All those high-intensity workouts we do to achieve leaner muscles makes our muscles deficient in amino acids and other minerals, consuming whey after this workout it will be absorbed at a faster rate into the body which will provide the muscles with the correct ingredients to help them recover and repair themselves.
  • When mixed with water, no extra carbs or fats will add up to your protein shake. As you should be knowing that to gain lesser muscles, it is crucial to monitor your carbs and fat intake, the water allows you to do just the same.

Q. What will it be if you want to gain bulky muscles, Mix Whey with Water or Milk?


Whey with Milk
  • Whey mix should be mixed in milk if your targets are big and bulky muscles, it will make your target much easier to achieve when combined with the right workout.
  • Milk is 80% casein and 20% whey, two best quality protein sources. Mixing whey protein powder with milk will increase the protein intake and it will contribute towards achieving those protein rich muscles.
  • Mixing whey protein with milk will provide a more balanced nutritional intake, since most good quality whey protein mixes contain nearly 100% protein and mixing it with the milk will add some amount of carbohydrates and fats to that protein shake as well.
  • When mixed with milk, the whey proteins stay longer in our GI Tract due to casein which is slower absorbed in the body, the longer they stay in our body the bulkier the muscles will get due to better amounts of protein absorption from the supplement intake.
  • Milk will help mask the flavour of pure proteins.

Quick Round Up of what we discussed

If you want to gain bulky muscles, mix your whey protein with milk. If your targets are those leaner muscles and you have a more active lifestyle, mix your whey protein with water.

Mixing whey protein water or milk, it’ll stay tasty and refreshing either way. Milk is better for a richer and creamier taste whereas water is the preferred by those looking to restrict their calorie intake. 

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