Quarantine Workouts: 10 Best Home Workout Ideas

Quarantine Workouts: 10 Best Home Workout Ideas

As a result of Quarantine, there will be no more gyms where you can work up a sweat. However, just because you don’t have access to your high-tech gym equipment doesn’t mean you have to become a lazy slob. There are a variety of workouts that do not require the use of costly equipment and you can do these exercises during quarantine at your home.

Here are few total-body fitness workouts you can perform at home during quarantine.

Inchworm (Plus Shoulder Tap)

Standing tall with your feet together and your core engaged is a good place to start.
To lay your hands flat on the floor, bend forward and down. Check that your knees are not locked.
Take a few steps forward with your hands until you’re in a high plank position. Your arms should be shoulder-width apart, and your legs should be fully extended.
If a standard inchworm isn’t doing it for you, try incorporating a shoulder tap into the workout.

Remove one of your hands from the high plank position and tap yourself on the shoulder while keeping your hips and core engaged.
With your other hand, repeat the process.
Return your hand to your feet by walking it backward.
Rep 4–6 times more if necessary.

The Classic Push-up

Start with your hands shoulder-width apart, shoulders stacked on top of your wrists, and legs extended in a high plank position.
Bend your elbows until your chest is parallel to the ground. The angle of your elbow to the ground should be around 45 degrees.
Return to the high plank position by extending your elbows once more. Ensure that your back is completely flat.
Repeat for a total of 45 to 60 seconds.

The Standard Squats

Standing with your feet shoulder-width apart or at a 15-degree angle is a good way to start.
Bend your knees and crouch with your hips. Maintain a flat back, a strong core, and a high chest.
To stand up and return to a standing position, press your heels into the ground.
As you climb, squeeze your butt as you go.
Rep for another 20 seconds.

Mountain Climber

Keep your hands flat on the floor, your core and glutes engaged, wrists below your shoulders, and legs fully extended in a high plank position.
Bring your right knee to your left elbow across your torso.
Return to your original standing position.
Rep on the other side, this time bringing your left knee closer to your right elbow.
Begin slowly and gradually increase your speed.
Repeat for 45 seconds, alternating sides.

Triceps Dip

Sit on a floor near a bench with knees bent slightly. Grab the edge of the bench and lift yourself up from the floor by straightening your arms.

Then lower yourself by bending your elbows between 45 and 90 degrees, pushing your heels into the floor.

If you can stomach it, do it with a single arm and with the opposite leg lifted up.

Alternating Lunges

Stand with your feet parallel to the ground and your arms at your sides.
With your right foot, take a two-foot step back, putting pressure on the ball of your foot and lifting your heel.
Bend the knees to lower yourself into a lunge until your right knee taps the floor and is almost at a 90 degree angle. Ensure that your chest is lifted, that your core and glutes are engaged, and that your back is straight.


Engage your glutes and core by standing with your feet hip width apart.
Bend your knees and reach forward and down on the floor with your hand.
Kick your legs back and extend them behind you until your entire body is lowered to the ground, elbows bent, and chest touching the ground.
Using your arms to hop back on your legs, quickly push your body up.
Jump straight up with your arms stretched over your head, landing on the balls of your feet.
Repeat immediately

Wall Sit

Slowly slide your back down a wall until your thighs form a 180-degree angle with the floor.
Make sure your knees are aligned with your ankles and that your back is straight.
Maintain this position for 60 seconds or until you are able to bear it no longer.

Shoulder Bridge

Lie down face up on the ground, knees bent and feet apart.
Lift your spine and hips with your arms to the side while keeping your feet, arms, and shoulder on the floor.
Raise one leg high and then lower it slowly. Return it to its original position.
Perform 10 reps on each leg before lowering your spine to the floor.

Plank-up Plus Frogger

Put yourself in a plank position.
Lower yourself into a forearm plank by placing your left forearm on the ground first, then your right.
Return to a high plank, placing your right palm on the ground first, followed by your left palm.
Jump forward in a wide squat position to perform a forger. The weight should be centred on your feet and your feet should be slightly outside your hand. Maintain a low buttocks position by lowering your buttocks to the ground.
Then return to a high plank with your feet kicked back.


Working out is a good way to pass the time while you’re in quarantine. You can work out at your own pace, speed things up if you want, and combine two or three simple workout exercises into one for a more intense workout.

The best part about working out at home is that you save money by not having to pay for an expensive gym membership or expensive equipment. Many of us lead busy lives and simply do not have the financial means to join a gym. Apart from that, gyms can be a source of intimidation for many people, as well as awkward social encounters and routine exercises that can quickly become boring andmonotonous.


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