Best Easy Home Exercises to Reduce Belly Fat

Best Easy Home Exercises to Reduce Belly Fat

Obesity is one of the leading problems these days, which in turn is increasing the risk of various other diseases, like cardiovascular diseases, increased blood pressure, joint pain, depression, and much more.

While working to lose fat, one might feel the difference between belly fat and other body fat. Visceral fat, commonly known as belly fat, is found deep within the abdominal cavity and releases hazardous substances that lead to additional health issues.

Moreover, it is very frustrating to deal with as it is very stubborn and does not get off easily. A consistent exercise routine and balanced diet is the key to losing belly fat. Innumerable workouts can help you shed that adamant belly fat, some of them can be done outside, but you can also try home exercises for belly fat. 

Most health coaches believe that ' Cardio and high impact exercises' are perfect when aiming to lose belly fat and improve overall well-being as they are proven to burn calories both during and after the workout.

  • Cardiac or cardiovascular exercises increase heart rate leading to increased blood circulation and thus burn calories more effectively. Running, jogging, and swimming are all included in cardio.
  • High-impact exercises tend to engage multiple groups simultaneously and increase endurance. Rope jumping, kickboxing, and high-intensity interval training (HIIT) are excellent examples of high-impact exercises.

    So, it is important to incorporate cardio as well as high-impact exercises when pondering to lose belly fat. Not only do these exercises help you lose weight, but they also affect your overall well-being, like better sleep, a happy mood, an effective immune system, and much more.

    It is crucial to perform some stretching for about 10 minutes before you start these exercises. Warm-up not only increases blood flow to your muscles but also increases flexibility and, in turn, reduces the chances of injury. Take a few seconds break and start these exercises.

    Some of the most effective home exercises for belly fat are discussed below-


    “Does walking reduce belly fat?” It is a common question that many ask, and in simple terms, yes, walking can help to reduce weight. Walking at home is the most simple yet practical way to lose belly fat. You can either walk in the place, on the terrace, or on a treadmill.

    You can lose weight more quickly by adding exercise to a healthy diet. Walking helps you lose those extra calories and affects your overall body fat. It engages the muscles of the abdomen and tones them. More calories are burned when you walk more quickly. Start by aiming for at least a 30-minute walk and increase it slowly; you can go for as long as you want, as walking is an effective and easy exercise for belly fat.

    It has been proven that not only prescribed walking but being active throughout the day while doing daily activities play a very crucial role in reducing fat. So, whenever you can walk, WALK.

    Russian Twists:

    Russian twists are modifications of popular Russian gymnastic exercises, but due to their effectiveness, it has gained popularity worldwide. It primarily strengthens your core and the major abdominal muscles, including the rectus abdominis, obliques, and transverse abdominis, making it among the best workouts to lose belly fat.

    How to Perform Russian Twists:

    • With your knees bent, take a seat on the floor. Make sure your back is straight and parallel to the floor.
    • Clutch your hands in front of your chest to engage your core
    • Then, slowly lift your feet up- STARTING POSITION.
    • Slowly rotate your torso and clasp your hands to the right side or near your right hip.
    • Return to the beginning position. 
    • Then slowly pivot to the left side.
    • Continue the same in a swift and controlled manner, engaging your core.

    You can begin with 10-12 repetitions per side and slowly increase the number. Weights or medicine balls can be used to take it to a higher level.


    It is commonly performed static exercise, hold the position for a specified time. It helps in strengthening muscles of the abdomen, back, shoulders, and glutes. Moreover, there are different variations for plank exercise for belly fat, and it is also one of the best workouts to reduce belly fat.

    How to Perform a Plank:

    • Begin with lying down on the mat with your face towards the mat and support your body with your arms and toes.
    • Your forearms should be parallel and a shoulder apart, and elbows just below the shoulders.
    • Look down, make sure your neck is neutral, and keep your body in a straight line.
    • Active these muscles by contracting your glute and core.
    • Throughout the workout, hold for the allotted amount of time, and breathe slowly and deeply.

    You can start withholding for about 20-30 seconds and slowly increase it. There are some variations available to engage more muscles than a basic plank, like a high plank, a plank with a leg lift, and a side plank.

    Lying Leg Raises:

    Lying leg raises, commonly called leg lifts, are efficient exercises to target the lower muscles of the abdomen, like the rectus abdominis, also hip flexors, and quads. They are also one of the best home exercises for belly fat and can contribute significantly to losing weight.

    How to Perform Lying leg raises:

    • Lay flat on your back with your legs parallel to one another.
    • Take a slow and deep breath, pressing your navel towards the spine.
    • Place your hands with palms facing downwards below your glutes to avoid injury to the spine.
    • Slowly lift your arms until they are perpendicular to the ground.
    • Pause for a moment and then slowly lower them down.
    • Repeat the movements for the desired number.

    It is important to maintain a proper form to get effective results.

    Scissor Kicks:

    Scissor kicks are yet another effective and versatile exercise that is a part of various routines like Pilates. The main focus of this exercise is lower abdominal muscles, hip flexors, and inner thighs.

    How to Perform Scissor Kicks:

    • Lie flat down on a mat with arms placed along your sides.
    • After a brief pause, carefully lower them. For the desired amount of times, repeat the moves.
    • Place your hands below your hips to comfort your spine.
    • Slowly lift your legs together and perform a scissor motion by elevating one leg and lowering one.
    • Continue this alternating motion at a steady and swift pace.

    To get good results, try breathing naturally and keep it in your mind to protect your spine.


    Crunches are the most popular exercise to aim for a stubborn belly. They not only define your abdomen but also strengthen your six-pack muscles. Crunches are a highly regarded gym exercise for belly fat and can also be done at home. Moreover, there are also variations to crunches exercises for belly fat.

    How to Perform Crunches:

    • Begin by lying back on the mat and bending your knees. Keep them at your hip-width and a comfortable distance
    • Keep your hands behind your head very lightly to support your head.
    • Draw your navel towards the spine and engage abdominal muscles.
    • Now, at a slow pace, lift your shoulders and upper back from the ground by using your abdomen.
    • Don't pull your neck forcefully, as it might injure your spine.
    • Exhale when you reach the highest point and slowly return to the starting position.

    It is important to keep certain things in mind while performing this exercise:

    • Avoid Jerking motion.
    • Maintain proper alignment of the lower back.
    • Breather as naturally as possible.
    • Keep movements at a slow and steady pace.

    "Performing all of these exercises with 15-20 repetitions and for 3 sets can give you visible results in a month"

    It is important to incorporate some lifestyle changes as well to get effective results. Some of them are discussed below, namely-

    • Eating Right and Nutritious Food: Eating the right foods is much more essential than exercising too. So, avoid Junk food and prepare food at home.
    • Reduce Salt Intake: Consuming excessive salt can retain water. So, reduce sodium intake.
    • Say no to Sugar: Reduce sugar to reduce belly fat. Use jaggery and honey instead.
    • Increase Vitamin C: Vitamin C is crucial for the excretion of carnitine, which affects the body's metabolism. 

    In a Nutshell, There is no one-size-fits-all strategy for losing stomach fat. A dedicated exercise routine, healthy eating habits, and a positive mentality can help you achieve your results fast. You can try these home exercises for belly fat to start with.

    "Sweat it out and nourish your body: the winning formula for shedding belly fat"


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