Whey Protein

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GetmyMettle Alpha Whey Protein

GetmyMettle Alpha Whey Protein

Rs. 1,333.00 – Rs. 6,949.00
  Recommended Dosage - Take 1 scoops with 200-225 ml chilled water/Milk. Creamiest, smoothest lump-free protein, which gives Milkshake texture even with Water 100% Guarantee.A performance blend of Stronger and...
GetmyMettle ISO Whey Protein

GetmyMettle ISO Whey Protein

Rs. 3,075.00 – Rs. 5,962.00
Mettle’s Iso Whey Protein now with Proteolytic Enzymes (aka Proteases). Therefore, with fast muscle amplification/recovery and developing lean muscles, you’ll also get reduced inflammation & soreness and better digestion. Redefine...
GetmyMettle Pro Whey Gold Protein

GetmyMettle Pro Whey Gold P...

Rs. 2,745.00 – Rs. 5,100.00
Mettle’s Pro Whey Gold Protein is four times more digestible than any other regular whey. Your perfect muscle-building partner for amplifying your muscle mass by several folds. Mettle’s Pro Whey...
GetmyMettle Raw+ Isolate 90 Protein with HMB

GetmyMettle Raw+ Isolate 90...

Rs. 3,999.00Rs. 3,000.00
Mettle’s Raw+ Isolate 90 Protein is now with HMB (Hydroxymethylbutyrate). India’s most effective muscle growth formulae, developed by industry’s leading experts. A product packed with 90% protein for people who...
GetmyMettle Raw+ Whey 80 Protein with HMB

GetmyMettle Raw+ Whey 80 Pr...

Rs. 3,249.00Rs. 2,437.00
Mettle’s Raw+ Whey Protein is now with HMB (Hydroxymethylbutyrate). India’s most effective muscle growth formulae, developed by industry’s leading experts. A product packed with 80% protein for people who are...

What Is Whey Protein?

The best workout plans are made with time and consideration and require peak performance in the gym to build muscles. Although intense workouts can be completed with the help of planned diets and supplements, providing enough time for muscles to recover is essential to build them without sustaining any injuries. For this sole purpose, many gym goers use Whey protein powder, which helps to build better muscle mass by allowing one to perform their best in the gym.

Whey protein is valued for its high biological value, meaning it is efficiently utilized by the body to support various functions, including muscle repair and growth. Whey protein is also easily digested and absorbed by the body, making it the best choice for both muscle building and recovery. Whey protein stimulates muscle protein synthesis and helps you to build muscle mass. In addition to its muscle-building benefits, whey protein has been associated with other potential health benefits, such as weight management, appetite control, and immune system support. <

How Can Whey Protein Help in Muscle Building?

Whey Protein is a popular supplement among athletes, bodybuilders, and fitness enthusiasts for muscle-building purposes. Whey protein helps stimulate muscle and plays an essential role in both muscle synthesis and repair processes. Below are its potential benefits:

  1. Rapid Absorption: Whey protein is a fast-digesting source, meaning it quickly enters your system for absorption by your muscles during and post-workout nutrition. Due to this trait, it makes an ideal source of nourishment when looking for recovery and growth of muscles after training sessions.
  2. Stimulates Muscle Protein Synthesis: When you consume whey protein, its amino acid levels rise in your bloodstream. This activates muscle protein synthesis, where muscle cells use these amino acids to repair and build new muscle tissue.
  3. Convenient and Flexible:Whey protein supplements offer convenient solutions for meeting protein requirements through whole food alone, such as powders or shakes that are easy to incorporate into daily routines.

Types of Whey Protein

There are two primary forms of Whey Protein; Whey Isolate and Whey Concentrate.

1. Whey Isolate

Whey isolate contains around 90% protein and has undergone additional filtration and processing to remove most lactose, fat and other impurities - resulting in a purer product, making it the best whey protein for beginners. Packed full of essential amino acids for efficient body absorption and digestion, Whey Isolate offers a complete protein solution that is easily digested by the body, making it one of the best forms of protein for muscle building.

2. Whey Concentrate

Whey concentrate is composed of 60-82% protein, and the remainder consists of healthy carbs and fats. Due to its rapid absorption rate, whey concentrate makes an ideal supplement choice for athletes and fitness enthusiasts looking to enhance recovery and performance, giving it the title of best whey protein for muscle gain. In addition, its nutritional profile includes valuable vitamins, minerals and immunoglobulins, which support overall health and immune function.

What Are the Health Advantages of Whey Protein?

Whey protein powder offers many other health advantages beyond simply building muscle. Here are a few potential health advantages of whey protein powder:

  1. Weight Management: Due to its calorie content, it helps with weight management. By using whey protein for weight gain, you can support your weight management efforts more successfully.
  2. Lowering Blood Pressure: Recent research indicates that eating whey protein could have an immediate and positive impact on one's blood pressure levels, providing benefits to individuals suffering from hypertension.
  3. Support for Inflammatory Conditions: Recent research suggests that whey protein could provide some relief for certain forms of inflammation, including Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD).
  4. Cardiovascular health: Whey protein may provide positive impacts on certain risk factors for cardiovascular health, including decreasing LDL cholesterol levels and improving overall lipid profiles.
  5. Immune System Support: Whey protein contains immunoglobulins and lactoferrin, both of which have beneficial immune-enhancing properties, making regular consumption beneficial in strengthening and protecting against infections.
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