GetmyMettle Blaze Whey Protein

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Flavor: Cold Coffee

Cold Coffee
Malai Kulfi
Rose Falooda
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Recommended Dosage - Take 1 scoop with 200-225 ml chilled water/Milk

No fillers are used, only made with pure protein.
Creamiest, smoothest lump-free protein, which gives like Milkshake texture even with Water 100% Guarantee.
Ideal for athletes looking for quicker muscle gains, speedy recovery, and to attain their bodybuilding & fitness goals.
It is a specially crafted protein formula having quick digestive protein with carbohydrates and fiber which promotes muscle recovery along with an extra energy Zing.
Rennet Free whey is made through cold microfiltration and ultra-filtration membrane technology.
Grass Fed whey imported from the best dairies in the world.
Unlike most, imported and Indian brands that are dependent on other manufacturers and lack quality control whereas we have In-House manufacturing which helps us to maintain strict quality parameters as per HACCP and FSSAI.

Manufactured in a Facility that is USFDA, Kosher, and Halal, ISO and FSSAI Certified.
Protein blended with the perfect dosage of digestive proteolytic enzymes ensures ZERO bloating and maximum absorption of protein.
Ultra Smooth lump-free superior quality whey, with minimum frothing and maximum taste.
A product from the house having more than 40 years of research-based experience in health and wellness.

Additional Information

1kg, 2Kg


Cold Coffee, Malai Kulfi, Rose Falooda



1 scoop (approx. 50g) in 200ml of water


Add Milk and give it a blend using shaker or blender


Mix it for 45-60 sec to get a delicious creamy shake


Protein Blend (Whey Protein Concentrate, Whey Protein Isolate, Milk Solids, Whey Powder), Digestive Enzyme [Protease, Amylase, Lipase, Cellulase, Lactase]. Thickner (INS 415), Emulsifier [INS 322], Sweetner (INS 955, INS 950)


  • Blaze Whey is designed for high-performance athletes and fitness
    enthusiasts looking to build an aesthetic and lean physique.

  • It is infused with India's most advanced and effective muscle growth
    formula offering 24g protein per 50g serving.

  • It sources superior-quality grass-fed whey imported from America.

  • Blended with digestive 'Proteolytic Enzymes', which promotes
    zero-bloating & 3x more protein absorption

  • It is available in 2 amazing & delicious flavours - Malai Kulfi & Cold Coffee.
    Also, it comes with an ultra-smooth lump-free milkshake texture.


Why US



No PED (Performance Enhancing Drugs)

No HGH (Human Growth Hormone)

No Stimulants

No Nitrogen Spike

No Anabolic Steroids


How much protein does Mettle Blaze Whey Protein contain?

One serving of Mettle Blaze Whey Protein (50g) typically contains around 24g of protein.

What are the benefits of using Mettle Blaze Whey Protein Powder?

Mettle Blaze Whey Protein Powder provides high-quality protein, which aids in muscle recovery and growth.

Is Mettle Blaze Whey Protein Powder suitable for vegetarians?

Yes, Mettle Blaze Whey Protein Powder is suitable for vegetarians as it is made from whey protein, which is derived from milk.

When should I take Mettle Blaze Whey Protein Powder?

It is recommended to take Mettle Blaze Whey Protein Powder immediately after your workout to help with muscle recovery and growth. It can also be consumed between meals to meet your daily protein requirements.

Which form of whey protein is it, concentrate or isolated?

Both, these are a combo of whey protein concentrate and isolate. The protein content of the concentrate is good but to give it an extra boost a certain amount of isolate is also added to increase the protein content.