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GetmyMettle Alpha Whey Protein

GetmyMettle Alpha Whey Protein

Rs. 1,333.00 – Rs. 6,949.00
  Recommended Dosage - Take 1 scoops with 200-225 ml chilled water/Milk. Creamiest, smoothest lump-free protein, which gives Milkshake texture even with Water 100% Guarantee.A performance blend of Stronger and...
GetmyMettle Raw and Pure Creatine Monohydrate

GetmyMettle Raw and Pure Cr...

Rs. 999.00Rs. 690.00
Creatine is converted to creatine phosphate, which helps to fuel skeletal muscles and provides support for immediate energy production during high-intensity workouts Creatine is primarily used for muscular energy, which...
GetmyMettle Amino Ace Formulae

GetmyMettle Amino Ace Formulae

Rs. 649.00 – Rs. 1,249.00
  Recommended Dosage - Take 1 scoop with 200-225 ml chilled water An ideal Fuel that delivers a sustained release of energy along with amino acids like BCAA and EAA...
GetmyMettle Pure+ Micronized Creatine

GetmyMettle Pure+ Micronize...

Rs. 449.00 – Rs. 900.00
Mettle Pure+ Micronized Creatine now comes with Mint and Coconut Water Extract. Mint and Coconut Water Extract for keeping you hydrated and fresh. Pure+ Micronized Creatine is a supplement used...
GetmyMettle Assorted Protein Bar - Pack of 6
30g Bar60g Bar

GetmyMettle Assorted Protei...

Rs. 329.00 – Rs. 599.00
Mettle brings to you the Protein Bars in delectable Choco Brownie, Cookies and Cream, Peanut Butter, and Blueberry with 20g of protein in each of them. This box contains 2...
GetmyMettle Cookies and Cream Protein Bar- Pack of 6
30g Bar60g Bar

GetmyMettle Cookies and Cre...

Rs. 327.60 – Rs. 630.00
Mettle brings to you the Protein Bars in delectable Cookies and Cream with 20g of protein in each of them. 20gm of protein is the perfect way to get your...
GetmyMettle Choco Brownie Protein Bar Pack of 6

GetmyMettle Choco Brownie P...

Rs. 327.60 – Rs. 630.00
Mettle brings to you the Protein Bars in delectable Choco Brownies with 20g of protein in each of them. 20gm of protein is the perfect way to get your 'Protein...
GetmyMettle Blueberry Muffin Protein Bar Pack of 6

GetmyMettle Blueberry Muffi...

Rs. 327.00 – Rs. 630.00
Mettle brings to you the Protein Bars in delectable Blueberry muffins with 20g of protein in each of them. 20gm of protein is the perfect way to get your 'Protein...
GetmyMettle Omega 3 | 1000 MG In 100% Veg Capsules.

GetmyMettle Omega 3 | 1000 ...

Rs. 1,049.00Rs. 787.00
Mettle's Omega 3 is an entirely vegetarian product made from natural ingredients. Omega 3 is a perfect fit for people who want to enjoy an active lifestyle. Mettle's Omega 3...
Choco Almond Protein Bar Pack of 6

Choco Almond Protein Bar Pa...

Rs. 750.00Rs. 630.00
Mettle brings you Protein Bars in delectable Almond flavour with 11.46g of protein in each bar. The protein contained in the Mettle Almond bars is the perfect amount to boost...
GetmyMettle T Men Booster | Testosterone Booster for Men | For Boosting Energy, Stamina and Endurance (1000 mg, 60 Capsules)

GetmyMettle T Men Booster |...

Rs. 999.00Rs. 699.00
100% vegetarian product. Made with all-natural ingredients. Increases testosterone levels. Better performance and increased stamina. Testo-Men Booster’s complete, fully dosed formula is an optimal way to support the key factors...


Bulking is also known as the muscle gaining phase. It is the process that requires one to be in a caloric surplus. Besides calories, the individual also consumes a higher amount of protein and carbohydrates to gain muscle mass. While bulking is one of the most common phases, the expected results might be hard to notice without consuming bulking protein supplements.

What Are Bulking Supplements?

Bulking supplements are products designed to aid individuals in gaining muscle mass and overall body weight during a "bulking" phase of their fitness journey. The primary goal of bulking is to consume more calories than your body burns to promote muscle growth and increase overall size and strength.

Benefits of Bulking Supplements

Bulking supplements offer numerous benefits, including:

Increased Muscle Growth: Bulking supplements contain nutrients that support muscle protein synthesis. These elements can aid in the repair and growth of muscle tissues, leading to increased muscle mass.

Convenience:For some individuals, getting enough calories and nutrients solely from whole foods can be challenging and time-consuming. Bulking supplements provide a convenient way to add extra calories and essential nutrients to one's diet, especially for those with busy lifestyles or increased caloric needs.

Accelerated Recovery: Bulking supplements have been shown to help reduce muscle soreness and speed up recovery after intense workouts. This can allow individuals to train more frequently and consistently, leading to better results over time.

Increased Energy and Performance: Bulking supplements are rich in carbohydrates and can boost energy levels and improve workout performance.

Weight Gain Support: People with fast metabolisms or those who struggle to gain weight can benefit from using bulking supplements. These products provide a concentrated source of calories, helping individuals reach their daily caloric surplus more easily.

Nutrient Delivery: Bulking supplements contain nutrients with high bioavailability, which means they are easily absorbed by the body. This ensures that essential nutrients reach the muscles and other target tissues efficiently.

Targeted Nutrient Intake: Bulking supplements ensure that individuals are getting specific nutrients in precise amounts to meet their bulking goals. This level of control can be especially beneficial for those who need to monitor their intake for specific dietary requirements.

Who Should Use Bulking Supplements

Bulking supplements helps one to be in a caloric surplus and aids in gaining muscle mass. While bulking supplements can be used by almost anyone, here are the group of people who may consider using bulking supplements:

Bodybuilders: Bodybuilders who participate in hard training and require extra calories and nutrients to assist muscle growth and recovery may benefit from bulking supplements.

Underweight Individuals: People who are underweight or have a rapid metabolism and struggle to gain weight can add bulking supplements to their diet as a handy approach to enhance their calorie consumption.

Hard Gainers: Some individuals naturally have a difficult time gaining muscle mass. Bulking supplements for these individuals can keep them in caloric surplus while helping to fulfill daily nutritional needs.

Weightlifters: The added nutritional content can help those who lift weights or do strength training by supporting muscle development and repair.

Why Choose Getmymettle Bulking Supplements?

Getmymettle bulking supplements are a top choice due to their exceptional quality and efficacy. Focusing on delivering essential nutrients, Getmymettle ensures its supplements are formulated with great-quality ingredients to support overall health and well-being. Their products are backed by scientific research, ensuring optimal bioavailability and absorption.

The bulking supplements of Getmymettle includes:

  • Alpha Whey Protein
  • Raw and Pure Creatine Monohydrate
  • Amino Ace Formulae
  • Blaze Whey Protein
  • Pure+ Micronized Creatine
  • Protein Bars
  • Super Elite Gainer XXL
  • Omega 3
  • Total Carbs Formulae
  • Ultimate Mass Gainer
  • T Men Booster

Getmymettle is committed to transparency about bulking supplements and follows strict quality control measures, which makes it a trusted fitness and wellness brand. Choose Getmymettle for reliable, high-quality bulking supplements that help you reach your desired health and fitness goals.

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