Best Food and Snacks for Diabetes Control

Food and Snacks for Diabetes Control

In the evening, everyone wants a savory snack to enjoy with their hot beverage of choice. This leads to excessive consumption of unhealthy snacks, such as those that are fried or that include oil.

Such snacks are our go-to because of their convenient availability and great flavor. But it's one of the major problems a diabetic has to deal with. It can be difficult for someone with diabetes to locate a healthy snack due to the many restrictions placed on their diet. However, if you arm yourself with the right knowledge and make well-considered decisions, you can quickly determine which snacks will satisfy your hunger until your next meal.

Since we usually only eat snacks sometimes, we don't give much thought to the harm they do to our bodies. Unfortunately, it does serious damage to our bodies.

People with diabetes also need to watch what they eat for snacks. Snacking on something high in protein and fiber is a good idea. Your blood sugar won't surge after eating these items. The ideal options of foods for diabetics are discussed here.

The Impact of Diet on Diabetes

When glucose levels in the blood get too high, a condition known as diabetes develops. Food is our principal source of blood glucose, which is used for energy production.

Like many other health conditions, diabetes is mostly under one's control when one pays attention to what they eat. Blood sugar levels are a direct result of the foods you eat. Consuming carbs, for instance, causes a rise in blood sugar levels. Carbohydrates are necessary for good health, but they might affect your blood sugar levels.

It is equally significant to make sure your food has all the nutrients you require to regulate your diabetes. Therefore, consuming a wide variety of nutritious meals appears to be the key to managing a diabetic diet food list. It's not enough to eat healthily; you also need to eat foods from all the food groups in the amounts specified by your meal plan.

What to Eat if I Have Diabetes?

High protein and fiber content foods make up the bulk of a balanced diabetic management diet plan. However, you must make sure you're eating meals from all the main dietary categories. This includes varieties such as:


Vegetables with a high starch content are safe for diabetics to eat, including sweet potatoes, beans, maize, green peas, and chickpeas. Non-starchy vegetables, for example, zucchini, cabbage, cauliflower, mushrooms, capsicum, spinach, tomato, etc., are among the best vegetables for diabetics. Vitamins, minerals, fiber, and phytochemicals abound in vegetables. Additionally, these foods for diabetics have fewer carbs and calories.


The risk of developing diabetes in the following five years was shown to be 36% lower among persons who consumed more whole fruits. The study also shows that eating fruit is linked to better markers of insulin sensitivity.
Apples, apricots, oranges, pears, kiwis, and so on are the greatest fruits for controlling diabetes.


Wheat, rice, oats, barley, quinoa, etc. are all examples of whole grains that should be included in your diet as diabetic friendly foods. Total whole-grain consumption was associated with a reduced risk of type 2 diabetes, according to a meta-analysis of prospective cohort studies.


Multiple studies point to protein's importance in diabetes management. Protein, for instance, is said to affect blood glucose levels very little, according to studies. Improving glycemic control and weight loss can be aided by consuming 20-30% of one's daily calories from protein, which can come from either animal or plant sources.

Protein-rich foods that are good for people with diabetes include skinless chicken, eggs, fish, lean beef, peanuts, tofu, paneer, and chickpeas.


Studies have shown that consuming dairy products can lower one's chance of developing type 2 diabetes. Yogurt, cheese, buttermilk, and fermented milk are all examples of fermented dairy products, and studies show that they play a protective effect against diabetes.

Best Foods for Diabetics

The common misconception that nutritious food is tasteless and bland is unfounded. It's not hard to please your taste buds while still eating healthily. But if we know what foods are safe to eat while managing diabetes, the process becomes much less daunting. Once you have the facts, sticking to dietary restrictions doesn't have to mean giving up your favorite foods. This way, you may avoid worrying about your diet and keep your blood sugar levels stable without much effort. The top 10 snack options for diabetics are shown below.

1. Boiled Eggs

Hard-boiled eggs are high in protein content and are considered the best food for diabetes control. About 6 grams of protein can be established in one large hard-boiled egg. Retaining stable blood sugar levels is facilitated by consuming protein. Hard-boiled eggs, on the other hand, keep you full for a long period, which helps you control your appetite.

2. Almonds

When it comes to controlling diabetes, almonds are the holy grail. They aid in the supervision and prevention of diabetes due to their increased nutritional content. Almonds are particularly high in magnesium, which is often in short supply in diabetics. One serving of almonds, or about 30 grams, provides 80 mg of magnesium. The risk of acquiring type-2 diabetes is strongly inversely related to the amount of magnesium consumed in the diet, as shown by epidemiological research.

Almonds are a healthy and delicious option for snacking. You won't feel hungry between meals, and your blood sugar won't spike.

3. Avocado

Avocado is among the best snacks for diabetics as it contains a few carbohydrates and a lot of fiber. Some foods high in fiber, however, hurt blood sugar. However, eating avocados has no unfavorable effects on glucose metabolism. The advantages of avocados for diabetes control and general health have been broadly researched. As a result, it creates a great snack for the public with diabetes. The elevated fiber content enables you to feel full for longer.

A quick avocado toast can be made by spreading mashed avocado on a slice of multigrain bread. Half a hard-boiled egg or some boiled chickpeas create a wonderful and protein-rich topping.

4. Peanut Butter and Apple Slices

Apples are diabetes friendly since they have little effect on insulin and blood sugar grades. Apples also comprise anti-inflammatory vitamins A and C, which contribute to their antioxidant properties. As an outcome, they help diabetics avoid heart problems.

Protein from peanut butter is widely considered to be safe. It's good for diabetics because it has a low glycemic index. It also includes magnesium, which is understood to have an optimistic effect on blood sugar levels.

Simply slicing an apple and eating it with some peanut butter will provide you with all the benefits of the two foods.

5. Salad with Black Beans

One more superfood that's great for those with diabetes is the humble black bean. Both the low glycemic index and the moderate magnesium content aid in maintaining healthy blood sugar levels. In addition, the protein and fiber in black beans are good for digestive health. Beans are not only healthy and low in fat but also very adaptable. They go well as a side dish, but they also complement salads, soups, whole-grain rice, and other dishes.

Make a tasty black bean salad by tossing some chopped tomatoes, carrots, and cucumbers into a small dish of black beans. Then, you may quench your appetite with a delicious snack that is safe for those with diabetes.

6. Protein Bars

It's common knowledge that proteins play a vital part in diabetes management. So, if you are looking for foods for diabetics, then you may grab a protein bar. It is important to check the label, though, as some protein bars include questionable additives to boost their flavor and appeal. Therefore, you need to use caution when selecting one.

7. Yogurt with Berries

Yogurts are a great low-carb snack choice for those with diabetes. Sugar-free yogurt, for instance, has fewer than 15 grams of carbs per serving. Unflavored yogurt has a lot of protein and is good for diabetics because of this. A recent study found that people who ate 80-125 grams of yogurt per day had a 14% decreased chance of developing type 2 diabetes compared to those who ate none at all.

Researchers are beginning to see berries as a potential component of diabetes prevention diets for adults. The glycemic index, lipid profile, blood pressure, and surrogate markers of atherosclerosis can all be lowered by eating berries, either on their own or in conjunction with other functional foods or dietary treatments.

8. Roasted Makhana (Fox Nut)

Makhana, also known as fox nuts, has a moderate quantity of protein and a low glycemic index, making them among the ideal foods for diabetics. They also aid in the prevention of diseases, including diabetes, cardiovascular disease, cancer, and more, due to their high nutrient content. The magnesium in makhana also aids in blood sugar regulation and increases oxygen and blood flow.

Makhana makes a great, healthy snack when roasted in a little oil.

9. Trail Mix

Dried fruits, seeds, and nuts are the building blocks of trail mix, a nutritious snack. It's a good source of protein because of the nuts. The beneficial fats provided by the seeds also aid in preventing insulin and blood sugar increases.

At home, you may easily prepare a tasty and satisfying trail mix. However, dried fruits with a high sugar content should be left out of the recipe.

10. Hummus and Celery Snacks

The calorie content of celery sticks is very low, with only 16 Cal per 100g. Thus, it aids in controlling diabetes and weight. Furthermore, celery is an excellent source of the antioxidant vitamin C and the dietary fiber it provides. Magnesium is only one of the many micronutrients that celery provides in abundance. Therefore, it aids in the management of diabetes and lessens emotional distress.

Hummus is among the best foods for diabetics as it has a low glycemic index and provides a variety of other health benefits, including complex carbohydrates, protein, heart-healthy monounsaturated fats, and essential vitamins and minerals. The American Diabetes Association recommends a daily snack of 1/3 cup of hummus, ideally with vegetables, as a satisfying and low-carb option for diabetics.

Alternative Diabetes Snacks

Many other foods are also suitable for preventing a spike in blood sugar levels in addition to the ones already mentioned. Popcorn made with air poppers, baked potato chips with salsa, oats, wheat crackers, cottage cheese, tuna salad, tuna burgers, and many more foods are great options for a snack.

Snacks To Avoid If You Have Diabetes

Polyunsaturated Fatty Acids

You should stay away from trans fats because they raise inflammation and put diabetics at a higher risk for cardiovascular problems. Therefore, you shouldn't eat any frozen, packaged, or fried foods.

Heavy on the Carbs

One of the risk factors for the progression of diabetes is eating too many carbohydrates. Carbohydrates are necessary for bodily function. However, they should be consumed in moderation.

White Table Sugar

Diabetics should sidestep refined sugar at all costs. The consequences of fructose on the liver, such as the advancement of fatty liver, inflammation, and localized insulin resistance, directly enhance the chance of developing diabetes. As a result, you shouldn't consume any refined sugar. Sugar that occurs naturally in fruits and other foods is excluded.

Acidic Beverages

Soda, chilled drinks, flavored milk, and other packaged beverages are particularly high in sugar. Thus, they result in a rise in blood sugar.


There are several ways in which alcohol consumption is detrimental to health. The consequence on blood sugar is one of them. Consuming alcohol while taking diabetic medicine might cause dangerously low blood sugar; therefore, it's best to abstain.


If you have diabetes, snacking does not have to be complicated. On the contrary, it's crucial. But if we watch our portions and eat healthily, we can achieve our goals. However, some dietary restrictions can readily avert a worsening of the condition. The truth is that people can go about their lives normally without having to worry about their taste buds being disappointed so long as they make informed decisions. Try out some of these healthy foods for diabetics.


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