Diet for Gym Beginners: A Comprehensive Guide to Fuel Your Workouts

Diet for Gym Beginners: A Comprehensive Guide to Fuel Your Workouts

A strict training regimen is necessary, but a well-balanced diet is just as important for getting the most out of your muscle-building efforts. Maintaining one's physical fitness and attractiveness is a desirable goal, but achieving it takes time and effort. Many individuals don't know what to begin with, how to begin, or even where to begin. 

Well, regular exercise and good nutrition go hand in hand with bodybuilding. You might begin by adopting a strict, disciplined training routine and an Indian bodybuilding diet to bulk up. To achieve the desired outcomes, there are several strategies to adhere to a rigorous Indian diet plan for muscle growth and to also take weight-gaining smoothies while working out.

The beginning of any bodybuilding regimen is the best time to focus on strengthening workouts. Your body will respond and adapt more quickly to weightlifting because you are new to training. Muscle development is hastened. However, you should not underestimate the importance of a bodybuilding diet plan in assisting you in achieving your goal. Bodybuilding requires a well-thought-out nutrition plan whether your objective is to bulk up, slim down, or simply stay in shape. Therefore, let's take a quick look at the principles that can help you track your daily consumption of calories, carbohydrates, fats, and proteins before we dive into the beginner's learning and growing bodybuilder diet plans.

Diet Plan Is All About Balancing The Nutrition Pillars :

Diet plans vary from individual to individual depending on the availability of various raw materials, time to prepare your meals, veg or non-veg, cooking skills, profession etc. There are multiple factors. You cannot stick to one framed diet plan, customise it according to you and keep changing it timely. But what should be constant in every diet plan is the nutrition pillar that should strike a balance in your diet plan.

1. Adhere to The Six-Meal Plan

Increase the number of nutritious meals and snacks you eat for bodybuilding. These will assist you in providing your body with the proper nutrition; make sure each meal has a minimal portion size. This helps level your blood sugar levels. Plan for six meals every day to stabilise your metabolism and enhance the growth of new muscles.

2. Consume Foods That Can Provide Your Body With Energy

Nutritional supplements and wholesome foods are the core pillars to handle the physical burden that is encountered in the gym. Try taking ashwagandha capsules, clean carbohydrates, and protein food during the initial stage of gym or workouts. Your meal plan to gain muscles will benefit from the extra energy and stamina from these foods and dietary supplements. 

3. Make Smart Choices Regarding Carbs

There are two ways to incorporate carbohydrates into your diet plan for muscle growth. First and foremost is to include food items like bread, rice, and pasta that are rich in starch and cause a sharp rise in blood sugar levels.

Consuming non-starchy foods like whole grains, green coffee beans, veggies, and fruits is the second method. These non-starchy foods are high in fibre content and raise blood sugar levels. Talking about their consumption, starchy carbohydrates can be eaten at certain times only whereas it is not so with non-starchy ones. Starchy foods are seen as healthful, especially first thing in the morning and just after exercise. Eat starchy carbs post workout in order to replenish energy stores. 

This is a terrific method for keeping a muscular, lean body as well. Therefore, be sure to include both starchy and non-starchy food kinds in your diet plan for bodybuilding.

4. Invest In Lean Proteins

High protein intake must be a part of your diet plan if you want to maximise muscle building. The hormones that aid in weight loss are also stimulated by a diet high in protein. The healthiest and leanest forms of protein can be found in foods like lean beef, fish, low-fat dairy products, soy, and lean chicken.

Even though protein-rich foods should still be your first option, adding a high-quality protein supplement powder to your muscle gain diet will ensure you are hitting your daily protein macros.

5.Cut Back on The Number of Processed Foods You Eat.

It's possible that a lot of processing went into making your favourite potato chips or that bag of low-calorie snacks look as good as they do in the package. This kind of prepared cuisine is not recommended, especially for novices. Saying goodbye to unhealthy habits early on in your fitness routine (in the gym or during workouts) will help you stick to your New Year's resolution. Instead of eating processed foods, try to consume more mineral-rich meals, including oats and fruits, or mineral supplements like garcinia cambogia extract. These meals and nutritional supplements may help you lose weight quickly while still giving the nutrients your body needs to keep healthy, and they may help increase your stamina so that you can easily perform the activity without having early fatigue.

6. Maintain Good Hydration

No matter how cliché it may sound, you should never forget this reality. As part of your diet for muscle building, drink water instead of your calorie-dense beverages. Drinking liquids that are calories free especially green tea can help you to maintain your workout stamina. Your beloved sugar-filled beverages sabotage your body's defences while simultaneously expanding your waistline. To obtain the most nutrients for bodybuilding, you might include homemade beverages or supplements. These can keep you hydrated and strengthen your immune system. You might try adding lemon, amla or green tea to water or other drinks.

A Sample of The Basic Diet Plan For Gym Beginners To Gain Muscle:

Well above discussed points are very important for a perfect diet plan. Your meal plan is based on whether you want to build muscle mass or lean muscle.  Presenting a basic diet plan for you to start that will help you to fuel your workouts.

1. Gym Beginners Diet Plan For Building Lean Muscle Mass:


Breakfast: (8am-9am)

Oatmeal porridge + 4 egg white

Mid-morning: (11am-12am)

Seasonal fruit in one bowl

Lunch: (2pm-3pm)

2 chapatis + dal / seasonal vegetable/ chicken/ fish + low fat curd + half bowl rice + veg salad /sprouts

Evening Snacks: (5pm-6pm)

Green Tea with almonds

Dinner: (8pm-9pm)

Seasonal vegetable + salad + sprouts

Bed Time:

Toned milk

Before workout: 2 Banana or 1 Apple

After workout: 2 whey isolate scoops along with water or milk.

2. Gym Beginners Diet Plan For Gaining Muscle Mass:


Breakfast: (8am-9am)

Oatmeal porridge + Dry fruit + 2 roti with sabzi

Mid-morning: (11am-12am)

Banana shake with one scoop of peanut butter

Lunch: (2pm-3pm)

3 chapatis + dal / seasonal vegetable/ chicken/ fish + low fat curd + half bowl rice + veg salad /sprouts

Evening Snacks: (5pm-6pm)

Banana Shake with 1 scoop of peanut butter

Dinner: (8pm-9pm)

Boiled Brown rice + Paneer + Seasonal vegetable + veg salad + sprouts

Bed Time:

Toned milk + 1 scoop gainer

Before workout: 2 Banana or 1 Apple

After workout: 2 whey isolate scoops along with water or milk.


This was a sample diet plan for beginners doing gym so that you get an idea of how, to begin with your fitness journey. Well additionally to your diet plan, you can consume BCAA during your workout. Also, if you want effective results do not smoke, drink and say no to junk food completely. For a customised diet plan, you can always consult a professional nutritionist or dietician as per your need.


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