Difference Between Arginine and AAKG

Difference Between Arginine and AAKG

‘Arginine’ and ‘AAKG’, sometimes even the professionals get confused between the two. In this blog, we will be briefly going to discuss them while comprehensively differentiating between the two and never get confused between them ever.

Before we get started with differences to find what’s better for you, let’s have a brief introduction of Arginine and AAKG for people who might not know what they are.

If you are already aware of them you can skip directly to What is the difference between Arginine and AAKG.

What is Arginine?

L-arginine or simply known as arginine is a natural semi-essential amino acid. Arginine is produced naturally inside a healthy person’s body therefore its intake is not necessary. It is essential for women during pregnancy, infants and adults with compromised health. Hence called semi-essential.

Arginine is used in protein synthesis, it is a precursor to other amino acids and nitric oxide as well , e.g. glutamate, proline, and creatine. Additionally, arginine also helps in production T-cells or commonly known as white blood cells which are our primary defence against diseases.

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What is AAKG?

Coming onto AAKG, it stands for L-arginine alpha ketoglutarate. AAKG is a complex dietary supplement that is a salt derived from glutaric acid. It is produced when L-arginine and alpha-glutarate are reacted together under favourable conditions.

AAKG is known to help increase the blood flow, energy levels and endurance when consumed in the right amount by steadily and effectively maintaining a constant release of arginine in the body which makes it ideally suitable as a supplement for bodybuilders, weightlifters and other athletes engaged in high endurance sports.

What is the difference between Arginine and AAKG

Arginine AAKG
A natural semi-essential alpha amino acid.  A salt of arginine and ketoglutaric acid.
Used in protein biosynthesis, treating disorders related to low blood flow and other cardiovascular diseases. Used to increase blood flow, oxygen delivery to muscles, muscles growth and endurance by athletes.
Arginine is commonly consumed for medicinal purposes. AAKG is commonly consumed for muscle gain purposes.
Pure arginine gets consumed quickly in the body, also a significant part is lost in the digestion process. AAKG steadily releases arginine in the bloodstream while also decreasing loss of arginine in the digestion process.
Pure arginine is very difficult target towards a specific part of the body since it is consumed in a burst. AAKG makes it easier to control the flow of arginine in the bloodstream.


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