Isotonic Instant Energy Drink vs Regular Glucose Drink

Isotonic Instant Energy Drink vs Regular Glucose Drink

Today we will be comparing the two most common forms of Instant energy drink mixes Isotonic mixes and Glucose based mixes. Instant Energy drink start to popularized along with the popularization of long-duration sporting activities such as marathons, cyclic events, and endurance sports.

If you have ever participated in high endurance activity you will know that it causes the body to sweat a lot and therefore losing a lot of vital minerals and fluid. The common reflex of the body in such a case is to make you feel thirsty to replenish this loss.

Loss of fluid can be compensated in water intake but it does not satisfy the mineral loss, hence continue to feel thirsty and overdrink which hinders our performance.

What is in Other Regular Glucose Drink ?

Glucose drinks mainly comprise of glucose and minerals like sodium and potassium which are commonly lost in sweating.

Glucose is responsible to provide that replenishing action for the energy lost to the sporting activity. The liquid and minerals compensate for the fluid and minerals lost to the sweating.

Glucose used in energy mixes when consumed orally gets digested and broken down to be absorbed into the body where it is burned down with amino acids to release energy. The unused glucose is stored inside the liver and muscles in the form of glycogen.

What is in Isotonic Drink? Why it is called Instant Energy Drink

Contents of Isotonic drinks are slightly different from Glucose based drinks. Instead of using the raw form of Glucose, Isotonic drinks use a slightly higher (complex) form of glucose to avert the negative effects of glucose overdose. The choice of this carbohydrate is very important if you choose a very complex form it will slow the down process of energy release and if it’s too simple there are chances of causing glucose overdose. This Instant Energy Drink gives you Energy for a long time.

How does an Isotonic Drink Works

No special ingredient is present since the majority of dual-energy beverages operate through simple mechanisms. The sports nutritionist and author of Sports Supplements say, that It provides greater quantities of sugar than ordinary glucose drinks, which allow you to keep your muscles glycogen (energy) and improve your stamina.

In contrast to glucose alone, the mixture fructose with glucose or maltodextrin helps the body to digest the sugars more quickly, thus delivering them more quickly to the muscle than normal glucose drinks.

So, whether you’re doing a workout sessions of up to two hours or if you’re a marathon runner, it will help to give your muscles the stamina to push through the wall.

What Are the Benefits of Isotonic Drinks? Why Should I Use Them?

Lets consider some of the advantages of isotonic drinks:

Electrolytes: these are important minerals that help to maintain sodium, potassium, calcium, chloride, magnesium, bicarbonate, phosphate, sulfate balance within the body. Research conducted in the International Journal of Sports Medicine contrasted the impact of sodium mineral water, a soft drink with caffeine and an isotonic solution, and retaining more sodium, calcium, and magnesium in their bodies for the participants who were offered this isotonic drink.

Glucose: Glucose levels can deplete inside the body at a pace of three to four grammes each minute during intensive training, draining the body fully. Normally, you will take 24 to 48 hours to fill up the carbohydrates normally, but an isotonic drink can give your glycogen equilibrium a lot faster.

Hydration: Most prefered coolant during workout is water for amatures however, water do not have any carbohydrates or electrolytes and can therefore induce bloating. Isotonic beverages cools the stomach at a rate comparable to water which promotes fluid retention and helps to prevent dehydration.

Endurance: A university study was conducted which tested the effects of isotonic drinks during the workout on athletes. The athletes drank before and after their tournaments. These beverages have led to a high energy output among athletes being up to 24 percent longer than people who drink an alternate solution.

Final thoughts

If you want to increase the use of water, nutrients and minerals, you can take isotonic beverages to promote substitution of what the body uses through physical work. An isotonic drink is easy to swallow and rapidly exits the stomach, ensuring optimum productivity and comfortable digestion.

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