What is BCAA, and Its Benefits

What is BCAA, and Its Benefits

“Supplementing with BCAA at all is enough, after all its all going into the body. Right?”

We receive a lot of queries which goes along the lines of above statement. Let me completely honest with you, consuming supplement at the right time is as important as supplementing with BCAA at all.

Allow me to explain that with a simple enough example:
Let’s say you are trying to make a Banana shake, you have already added milk, banana and ice into the juicer and now all the awaits is the switching the on the electric supply to juicer but you keep delay it. The next day when you are ready to switch on the power but when you observe the contents of the mixture you banana and milk have gone bad overnight and no longer suitable for banana shake.

The same is the case with Whey proteins and other supplements, you consume a lot of ‘fuel’ in form of proteins but you forget the ‘firestarter’ BCAA which will help the body to restore the muscle damage and route all the protein ‘fuel’ towards muscle building process.

Ok, so what exactly is BCAA one might ask?

What are BCAAs and their composition ?

Amino acids are basic building blocks of proteins, i.e. proteins are made up by combining amino acids in particular order just like a lego house which is made up of lego blocks. 

There are 20 amino acids in humans out of 9 are considered essential amino acids meaning these nine cannot be synthesized inside our body, hence should be consumed in daily diet. Out of these 9, 3 are called ‘branched-chain’ due to their physical structure. 

These three Branched-chain amino acids (BCAAs) are :

These three components determine the uses of BCAAs as well as benefits of BCAAs.

These amino acids are extremely important for muscle synthesis process, hence the name ‘Firestarter’. Since these essentials nutrients cannot be naturally synthesized in our body, it is absolutely necessary to supplement them via diet.

How to perfectly supplement using BCAA?

After knowing the working of BCAA as a supplement you can easily identify its right place in the meal plan.

BCAA should be included in meal plans as follows:

Pre-Workout: The benefit from its muscle support actions, like reduced muscle soreness, fatigue, burnout, the BCAA should be consumed an hour before the workout giving ample time for it supportive actions to set in place.

Intra-Workout: When supplementing with BCAA and Whey at the same time, the muscle synthesis sets in place immediately. This means your body is growing stronger muscles as fast as the workout is tearing the old ones.

What are the benefits of BCAA?

  • Muscle Growth: BCAA are proven to improve muscle growth, leucine is the primary key that promotes the synthesis of protein in the body which results in larger and bulkier muscles. Keep in mind BCAA is not a replacement for other proteins, it should be consumed as an additional supplement.
  • Decreases Muscle Soreness: Athletes feel the soreness in their muscles 12 to 24 hours after the workout which can last up to 72 hours, the exact cause of this soreness is still unknown to science however studies suggest that BCAA reduces muscles damage which reduces the duration and severity of this soreness.
  • Reduces post-workout fatigue: Our muscle uses up the BCAA in our body during the workout routine which causes a drop in the level of BCAA in our blood. This triggers a chemical reaction chain, towards the end of this chain levels of serotonin increase in our brain which is responsible to cause workout-related muscle fatigue. If we supply ample amounts of BCAA to our muscles this can be avoided.
  • Prevents Muscle burnout: We know workout causes muscle breakdown which is replaced by new muscle fibers made by proteins. Muscle burnout is caused If muscle breakdown occurs at a bigger scale than protein synthesis, it means we lose more muscles than our body can produce. BCAA prevents this muscle burnout.



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