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Mettle's Collagen-Builder generates 65% more collagen within your body. A product for strengthening your bones and muscles, which in turn soothes your joint pain. Collagen is a protein that improves your joints and skin elasticity or stretchiness. Plant-based collagen is as effective as animal collagen—a perfect fit for healthy heart, brain, and guts. If you are suffering from weak bones, then this is a product for you. It is a safe and non-toxic daily supplement that can be used by people of all age groups and gender.

Product Point

  • Mettle's Collagen-Builder generates 65% more collagen within your body.
  • This product can be used to strengthen your bones.
  • A perfect product for soothing your joint pains.
  • A product made to improve your skin's texture, hair, and, nail.
  • Mettle's Collagen-Builder gives you extra agility.
  • A product to strengthen you so that you can be less vulnerable to injuries.
  • Mettle's Collagen-Builder prevents bone loss.
  • Mettle's Collagen-Builder boosts muscle mass.
  • For a healthy heart, brain, and gut.

Benefits of Mettle's Collagen-Builder

  • Generate 65% more collagen within your body.
  • Strengthen your bones.
  • Soothes joint pain.
  • Improves skin.
  • Improves nails.
  • Improves Hair.
  • Muscle amplification and recovery.
  • Prevents bone loss.
  • Improves agility.
  • Healthy heart.
  • Healthy brain.
  • Healthy gut.

More Agility

If your skin loses elasticity, tendons and ligaments are stiffer, muscle mass decreases, or cartilage is wearing down, then that means you are losing agility. This happens when collagen levels in your body decrease. These are not all the symptoms of lowering collagen levels; your intestinal lining might also be getting thinner, which in turn can cause a lot of trouble for you, physically and mentally. Use Mettle's collagen-builder to get rid of all these issues.


Stronger Joints

Collagen is responsible for making up articular cartilage, the tissue responsible for covering the ends of bones at the joints, which lets them move smoothly against one another. Mettle's collagen-builder will generate 65% more collagen within your body, which will keep your bones & joints strong.



 No Banned Substance

Mettle products are rigorously tested & certified. Our products are known for the accuracy of our claims and purity. Thus, Mettle's Iso Whey Protein is above par on the global standards. Swasthum Wellness PVT LTD, the parent company of Mettle, is a USA FDA-registered manufacturer. We also have certification from ISO, Non-GMO, and GMP. You can verify the purity and authenticity of our product from the reports available online. 

Frequently Asked Questions

A collagen is a form of protein, which has multiple benefits, unlike whey protein which specifically benefits only muscle recovery.

Technically no, it contains natural vegetarian active ingredients which promote the development of collagen within the body.

Collagen protein is extremely beneficial for our cartilage, soft bones, and ligaments. These soft tissues contribute to the body’s flexibility and core strength.

One capsule a day in the morning with breakfast.


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