10 Health Benefits of Pomegranate for Skin and Weight Loss

10 Health Benefits of Pomegranate for Skin and Weight Loss

Pomegranates are sweet, delicious fruits that add a refreshing and revitalizing effect to one’s health and overall well-being. These fruits are very low in calories and high in antioxidants, fibre, vitamins, etc. 

If you are trying to shed some extra pounds or gain a youthful glow on your skin, the consumption of pomegranates can be a life-changing decision. The benefits of eating pomegranate are not limited to this. It also helps in maintaining a healthy heart and urinary health while supporting weight loss. Let’s learn what the various benefits of consuming pomegranate are and why you should consume pomegranate daily for better health.

What are the benefits of pomegranate for the skin?

1) What are the benefits of pomegranate for weight loss?

These juicy fruits are extremely rich in antioxidants, which are present in the polyphenols contained in them. Antioxidants, one of the main benefits of pomegranate for the skin, can be extremely helpful in preventing ageing and cell damage, giving you younger and fresher skin even at older ages. 

You will be surprised to learn that pomegranates contain a higher amount of antioxidants than green tea!

2) Natural Sun Protection 

The benefits of eating pomegranate work like a natural sunscreen due to the abundance of antioxidants that combat the harmful UV rays of the sun. It contains vitamins C and E, in addition to the mighty polyphenols such as ellagic acid and punicalagin. These act as a worthy shield against UV radiation. 

Although it is not a replacement for sunscreen, incorporating pomegranate into your beauty routine will help the skin become firmer and more tolerant. 

Inflammation-suppressing properties are one of the major pomegranate benefits for men. These help alleviate sunburns, treat redness, and hasten the skin repair process. Studies revealed that pomegranate extracts act as an extra cover against UVB rays, thus making your skin more resilient to sunlight damage.

3) Provides Hydration to the Skin Tissues

The pomegranate juice is highly rich in moisture content. These health benefits of pomegranate make it an excellent source of hydration for the skin. 

On consuming pomegranate juice or applying its extract to the skin, you will experience an innate softness and tenderness in the skin. The dryness will be gone, and your skin will have a good moisture balance.

4) Boosts Collagen Production

Pomegranate, as an exceptional source of collagen-inducing factors, is rich in vitamin C and contains special polyphenols. 

Collagen is a very crucial component of the skin, which provides the skin with elasticity and robustness. Vitamin C helps in the production of collagen. This is one of the benefits of pomegranate for hair growth and shine.

Pomegranates stimulate collagen production, an anti-ageing protein that helps fight wrinkles and sagging skin. Furthermore, the tissue's polyphenols play a role in collagen protection, preventing it from being destroyed by surrounding stressors. The daily intake or application of pomegranate finally ensures firm and youthful-looking skin, filling in with life and luminosity from the inside.

5) Pomegranate Reduces Open Pores and Acne

This delicious fruit is rich in antioxidants like ellagitannins. These antioxidants fight against inflammation in your body, which is one of the other benefits of eating pomegranate.  This makes your acne, open pores, and scars very small, giving you smooth skin.

This fruit has a lot of anti-microbial properties, helping in the prevention of bacterial growth or acne formation. These health benefits of pomegranate in turn reduce the chances of breakouts in the skin. If you have oily, acne-prone skin, pomegranate juice can be a big rescue for you all. It also has exfoliation properties, reducing scarring and soothing all kinds of puffiness in the skin.

What are the benefits of pomegranate for weight loss?

1) Low-Calorie Intake

If you are on a weight-loss journey, you can easily add pomegranates to your diet. These low-calorie fruits do not add any extra fat to your body upon consumption. 

One hundred grams of pomegranates contain only 83 calories and, hence, can be consumed easily in your diet plan.

2) Rich Source of Nutrients

The juice of pomegranate consists of high ratios of plant-based pigments, namely anthocyanins and anthoxanthins. These pigments boost the heart's health. If you consume pomegranate daily, the chances of bad cholesterol or clogging arteries will be completely gone. 

Moreover, it is loaded with vitamins and minerals that make your body stronger and help you feel healthy from the inside. So, by consuming pomegranates during your weight loss journey, you can easily get all the necessary nutrients without gaining any extra calories.

3) Rich Source of Fibers

To maintain a good digestive system, you need a rich source of fibre in your diet. Pomegranates are a rich fibre source, which makes them a crucial part of your weight loss journey.  

This fruit is low in calorie count and has a high fibre ratio. So, when you are working out daily, the consumption of pomegranate can be the most effective addition to your diet. This will help you lose the extra pounds.

Along with this, pomegranate helps speed up the digestion process. It also leaves a stomach-filling sensation, keeping any kind of hunger or craving at bay. The pomegranate benefits for weight loss are exceptional.

Final Words

By now, we know about all the numerous benefits of pomegranate and how it helps to improve our skin, hair, and overall health. Moreover, it also helps in the weight loss journey. Adding this fruit to your daily diet can be an excellent choice. You should also try applying pomegranate extract to your skin for instant results. The pomegranate extract tablets are an excellent and convenient alternative.


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