Best Energy Bar in India?

Best Energy Bar in India?

The need for healthier choices has led the snacking industry to many innovations. The growing concern for the people’s health is unquestionably commendable. Energy bars in India have changed dramatically in recent years as we knew them before. They are perfect not only for gym-goers or exercise junkies but also for those on a boring day seeking a boost in nutrition.

They are compact energy booster and easy to eat you. Energy bars are an insightful way to keep your energy levels high throughout the day, but it’s hard to choose the best energy bar in India.

In this blog, we have tried to provide basic information about energy bars and how to select the healthiest energy bars, and why mettle is the best energy bar in India.

What are the energy bars?

Energy bars are tasty and nutritious snack bars consisting of healthy ingredients such as whole-grain cereals, rice, granola, quinoa, almonds & nuts, seeds, dried fruits, and fruit. The energy bar can come in different flavors. Our Energy bar has four tasty flavors making mettle energy bars the best energy bar in India.

Energy bars mainly crafted to boost energy, nourishment, and protein levels. Energy bars are the balanced food supplements that give you what it promises to give.

Long back in the 1960s, the energy bars were the only non-frozen snacks that astronauts took to space because they provided both energy and nutrition. These slim bars were compact and easy to carry and could fit in astronaut’s helmets.

These bars were also known as a sports bar and primarily crafted for athletes and trainers.

But nowadays, there are energy bars that are designed to fit people with various health goals. Now let’s talk about why mettle Energy Bars are the best energy bar in India that you’ll find best for your workout.

What makes mettle the best energy bar in India?

Before choosing the best energy bar in India, we should remember that not all bars are made to be equal. Some energy bars give you the nutrition you need but lacks in taste but, with the help of Swasthum Wellness. Best Energy bar manufacturer, we are proud to say that the Mettle Energy bar is the best energy bar in India.

When selecting the best energy bars in India, we judged it based on its nutritional content, texture, ingredients used, Flavor, and, most importantly, the purpose it is served.

Nutrition Facts

The first thing you should look at in Energy bars is its Nutrition fact present at the back of the label. Protein, Carbohydrates, and fat All three of these macronutrients are significant, the quantity varies from individual to individual health, body need, way of life, and activity level. Certain micronutrients (nutrients and minerals) are likewise presented on the label. An ideal Energy Bar of 35gm should contain at least.
Protein: 4 to 5 Gram
Carbohydrate: 21 to 22 Gram
Fat: 6-7 gram


Ingredients also play the main role in the quality and taste of the best energy bar. The quality of the raw material of ingredients should be best and without any adulteration. They are listed in order by weight. heavier, denser ingredients will be listed first followed by lighter ingredient.

As Mettle Energy Bar Contains the Best Ingredients and an Ideal amount of Protein, Carbohydrate, and not contain any artificial flavor like other bars, this is the best energy bar in India as it passed all the criteria to be the best energy bar in India.

Advantages of Consuming Mettle Energy Bars

There are literally more than a thousand varieties of Energy bars in India competing in the market with different names and brands. However, not all these bars are healthy as it claims, after the proper research and development Swasthum Wellness Pvt. Ltd. Comes up with the Best Energy Bar in India, Mettle Energy bars.

Let me give a glimpse of some of the advantages of consuming energy bars.


One of the biggest benefits of the mettle energy bar is that it can be carried around pockets, purses, and bags. It is safer than unhealthy snack food such as cookies, candy bars, Regular Chocolate bars, and so on, as most of these energy bars are filled with wholesome nutrients. In addition, it is better than a sandwich to hold an energy bar in your pocket.

Long shelf life

Mettle Energy bars have longer shelf life compared to ordinary food stuffs. It can be packed while you are on the move.

Instant energy

This is perhaps one of the main reasons why you choose to have energy bars as it boosts your energy levels and helps to perform better instantly.

You can also manufacture the best energy bar in India from Swasthum Wellness Pvt. Ltd.


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