Circuit Training: The Ultimate Fitness Solution for Busy Individuals

Circuit Training

There are numerous types of workouts and exercises a person can do. Out of all such exercises, circuit training is one exercise that involves multiple exercises in a row to challenge every part of the body. Various groups of muscles are targeted in a short period of training to tone the body.

This blog is all about Circuit training. Let's get started.

What is a Circuit Training?

A Circuit training exercise is a special kind of full body circuit workout where you do a bunch of different exercises one after another. You usually do about 10 different exercises that work different parts of your body. It's called circuit training because you go in a circle, or circuit, doing each exercise before moving on to the next one. It's a very short workout session that you can complete in half an hour also. But make sure you don't have any health issues because circuit training exercise is not for weak heart people.

There Are Four Types of Circuit Workouts:

Repetition Circuit: This circuit training exercise is performed repeatedly before switching to another exercise.

Timed Circuit: It is one of the circuit exercises that are performed for a fixed time interval in a circuit.

Competition circuit: This circuit workout is like a timed circuit; in this, you exceed the maximum limit of repetitions according to your stamina.

Sport-specific circuit: These kinds of circuit exercises are performed for a specific sport and to enhance sports skills.

Circuit training workout is a form of exercise that you may modify to meet your preferences and level of effort. It's similar to a puzzle, where you may assemble whatever you wish in order to make it perfect for you.

You can workout in a circuit by performing various exercises back to back. By picking activities you enjoy, you can make it comforting. Additionally, it makes your body healthier. By doing this full body circuit workout your muscles will get stronger by exercising your entire body during a workout. Exercises like circuit training exercises can make you stronger and help you shed those extra pounds. It involves various exercises like jogging, rowing, and elliptical use. You can use these exercises as circuit training exercises to gain muscle and eliminate fat.

Circuit training's Advantages

You can modify circuit exercises in a variety of ways according to your own tastes in fitness types, intensity, and length. It is a versatile and highly individualised form of exercise. Circuit workout has certain health advantages as well as being flexible and adaptable, which can make exercising more interesting and enjoyable. Following are some of the benefits of circuit training.

Increased Strength:

Exercises that target both upper- and lower-body muscles are included in an effective circuit training routine, which contributes to improving the overall strength of the body.

Support Weight Loss:

One of the major benefits of circuit training is that it supports weight loss by combining cardiovascular workouts like running, rowing, or elliptical training with strength training to assist you optimise your body composition by gaining muscle and decreasing fat.

It's Time-Effective

Because of its rapid speed, circuit training is time-efficient because it requires little to no breaks in between exercises. People who have little time for exercise but want to get the most out of their routines can really benefit from circuit training.

Body-Weight Circuit at Home

This exercise is very easy to perform, and you can easily try this at home. Let's take an example;

Every workout should be done for 30 seconds. After that, proceed to the following exercise and repeat it without stopping. After doing all the exercises, take a two-minute break before resuming the circuit three times.

Let me give you a few examples of exercises that you can incorporate into it :

  1. Jumping jacks
  2. Squats
  3. Push-ups
  4. Lunges in succession
  5. Stomach crunches
  6. Bench squats
  7. Leg bridges
  8. Burpees
  9. Jumping
  10. Side bends

Choosing and customising your circuit training exercises to lose weight is a wonderful experience. Try it!


Alternating a variety of exercises for a period of time or a number of repetitions while taking little to no rest is known as circuit training. Full body circuit workout can help you build strength, enhance heart health, and lose weight since it is time-effective and targets your entire body. With its various possible exercise combinations, circuit exercise is flexible. Use sport-specific drills or incorporate exercises that focus on your upper and lower bodies.


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