Best Collagen Builder Benefits for Skin

Best Collagen Builder Benefits for Skin

The skincare industry has gone through a huge rise in recent years. You might have come across many skin experts talking and sharing about different needs of the skin. Ever heard about collagen in such sessions? 

I'm sure you did. It's a significant marker when it comes to skin. But are you aware of what it does? Is it good for you? How essential is it? 

Don't worry; this article is all about Collagen: an essential component of skin and human health. Read to know more about collagen so that it can help you enjoy a youthful glow. 


Our body generates collagen, a very powerful protein, on its own. It constitutes thirty percent of the protein found in human bodies; it is actually the most abundant functional protein. Collagen benefits the body as it serves as the major building block of our tissues and cells and acts as a kind of "glue" that binds everything in place by providing structure, strength, and support throughout the body.

It plays a very major role in the human body as it is a functional protein for almost all the basic structures of our body, whether it is hair, bones, skin, ligaments, blood vessels, connective tissue or  cartilage. 

It is made of amino acids, and we know that we cannot function without amino acids. Collagen doesn't only help hairs to grow healthier or skin glow, but it also protects our renal system, helps in proper heart functioning, smooth working of joints, formation of clots, and the list continues. If your body ain't producing enough collagen, you can also use collagen builder supplements. 

Now you have a little idea of how beneficial Collagen is for us!

You will be surprised to discover that there are approximately 28 different varieties of collagen produced by our body, and every different kind has different functions to perform. There are five main categories, Type I - Type V, serving various parts of our body, out of which Type I and Type III are two main skin collagen.  

Collagen Benefits for Skin

Around eighty percent of our skin is composed of collagen. It's what provides skin with its structure and helps in preserving suppleness, in addition to elastin (another protein). Collagen, which is mostly found in the dermis, the inner layer of the skin, offers several advantages for the skin, such as support to keep it firm, supple, and luscious. Additionally, it is necessary for our skin's natural regeneration process, which includes eliminating old skin cells along with producing new ones.

Benefits of Taking Collagen 

The skin surrounding the face looks young when collagen is present in an appropriate amount. It offers moisture, strength, and suppleness, all of which contribute to a face that looks young. Collagen builder benefits the skin in the same way. This makes your skin appear:

  • Plumpy 
  • Dewy
  • Smooth 
  • Glowing 
  • Sensitive areas around the eyes look very fresh and bright
  • Bouncy skin 

These are the most common benefits of taking collagen

Have You Noticed Children's Skin?

Kids have a superb smooth texture of the skin, and the reason is that they have immense collagen quantities. Children's skin is the best example to show collagen benefits for skin. As we grow older, it starts depleting after the age of twenty. The Reason for depletion is that we make less collagen as it degrades, and also its structures get weaker. 

As a result, we start losing our glow and youthfulness and see the ageing skin signs such as fine lines, wrinkles, dryness and sagging skin. Decreased amount of collagen leads to wrinkles and fine lines forming on the skin’s surface. If you want to reduce wrinkles, increase your collagen levels to enjoy collagen benefits.

Collagen and Hyaluronic Acid

Hyaluronic acid is also an important component related to skin. It's not actually an acid but more like a collagen. It is very profitable when we talk about skin hydration. It is naturally made by our body, and also its replications are used in numerous skincare products today. As we grow in age, less hyaluronic acid is produced, which results in degeneration of the skin. Our skin looks very dull and dry, and ageing lines start appearing. 
Hyaluronic acid is a substance that facilitates the bonding of water to collagen and retains it within the skin, giving the appearance of plumper, dewier, and more healthy skin. While aged skin might be dry, it's necessary to look out for dermatological products and supplements that include both hyaluronic acid (HA) and collagen, which may thoroughly hydrate skin while contributing to the fight against the signs of ageing.

How to Restore Collagen?

The positive side is that, even for aged skin, there are a few methods that may enable collagen production in the skin as we grow older. Adding collagen to your daily skincare routine is a fantastic place for you to begin with and to provide all the necessary collagen benefits for skin. 

Invest in collagen-rich products that include collagen amino acids, which are substances that are tiny enough to enter into the epidermis rather than just lying on the surface of it, or you can take collagen supplements for skin to enhance the production from within your body rather than just applying it on the skin. Collagen levels can be increased in other ways too. 
Here are some easy methods you may do every day to increase collagen production:

Messaging Your Face:

Face Massage helps in circulating blood better around the skin, which results in glowing skin. Muscles are toned and exercised while massaging so that your skin maintains its natural elasticity and tightness.

Hydrate Yourself: 

Very common and basic health care and skin care advice that we hear is to drink plenty of water. Yes, it helps to get rid of toxins from our body and makes our skin look more clearer. More water will bind with more collagen and thus helps to retain the skin moisture and makes our skin look younger and even. 

Collagen in Diet: 

Proper nutrition not only nourishes our bodies but also encourages them to produce more collagen. Consider ways to increase your vitamin C intake as well. Without vitamin C, the body is unable to synthesise, store, or create collagen, which holds cells together while collagen is being produced. You can take extra supplements like collagen builder tablets or can take benefits from Vitamin C-rich foods, including broccoli, strawberries, pineapple, Brussels sprouts, and strawberries. These natural sources are plant based collagen builders. Add supplemental Collagen to your diet if you don't get it enough from your manual diet. You can take the Get My Mettle Collagen Builder supplement. It is the best. Collagen supplement benefits you similarly to plant based collagen builder.

Improve Your Lifestyle:

Keep an eye out for factors that hinder collagen formation and expedite skin ageing. Smoking is a major factor since it reduces your face's blood supply, which maintains skin appearing supple and healthy. Another factor to avoid is sun damage. Collagen fibres can be harmed by UVA rays because they can penetrate the dermis deeply. Alcohol and too much sugar both lower collagen levels and should be avoided.

Get my mettle provides you with the best collagen builder for skin and complete health benefits. Collagen benefits for men and women are almost similar when we talk about the benefits of collagen for skin. 
Mettle's Collagen-Builder develops 65% more collagen within your body. It works wonders on skin, joints and hair. Plant based collagen builders are as profitable as collagen produced by humans. It is a very safe daily supplement, non-toxic in nature. People of all age groups and gender cab consume this collagen builder.


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