Get flat tummy in just 15 days

get flat tummy in just 15 days

The biggest reason we don't get flat tummy is that we eat at the wrong time, that's all we can do as long as we remember it. As in the West, where dinner is scheduled before 8 p.m., in a typical Indian household, the lunch hour is no earlier than 8 p.m., if not 9 p.m.

We've got the correct combination of carbs, fats, proteins, fibre, and minerals.  Some may argue that we have very tasty food, but the truth is that our mealtimes are very unhealthy. A flat tummy requires constant effort and a systematic approach. This includes foods that help you feel less fat and more energised. The hardest part of losing weight is achieving a slim waist and a flat tummy.

This is because there is so much fat in the stomach and liver that it takes time to burn. If done quickly it can double the size of your waist to one inch which will hold you forever.

It is easy to get a slim waist and a flat tummy but it takes time to get it forever. In addition to the exercise routine, it is important to organise a diet. Here we have a 15-day diet plan for a flat tummy. We provide a 5-day meal plan which you can repeat in 3 cycles. One important thing to remember is that it is important that you keep your diet in line with exercise and vice versa. If you feel any problem with any food, then eat it immediately.

Training department to get a flat tummy

If you want to build muscle and burn fat and want a flat tummy at the same time, you need to exercise three days a week. How can you achieve it? For one set of 15 repetitions, engage in full-body exercises such as lunges, push-ups, and pulse. Don't forget to follow each code for a minute. You should be able to burn 500 to 600 calories with each exercise for a flat tummy.

Go for gastric exercises

If you are wondering how to get a flat tummy, add gastric muscle exercises to your “how to get rid of belly fat” list. So do it thrice a week. Crunches and leg lifting should be done 20 times in three sets. Keep your body in a push-up position on your knees and plank for 30 to 60 seconds for four sets.

Check your food

The kind of food you eat during this time is important for any change. Natural foods such as fruits, vegetables, whole-grain bread and pasta, chicken, meat, fish, and low-fat dairy products should replace sugary foods to get a slim waist and flat tummy.

Avoid salt for flat tummy

Reduce sodium intake to reduce water retention. This means you should avoid salt to get a flat tummy and a slim waist. Instead, you can make your food more flavorful with other herbs and spices.

Drink water

Drink enough water to remove these toxins. This will give you the dual benefit of glowing skin and a flat tummy. Drinking water not only means drinking a gallon of water a day, but also healthy drinks such as antioxidant green tea, fresh vegetables, and fruit juices.

Say goodbye to stress

Stress and anxiety can lead to an overproduction of a particular hormone called cortisol, which promotes weight gain in the gastrointestinal tract. So try to relax to get a flat tummy.

don't take stress and anxiety  if you want to get a flat tummy and slim waist.


Supplement for lose fat and get a flat tummy

Mettle's L-Carnitine L-Tartrate is made entirely of plant-based ingredients. This fat metabolizer contains no stimulants. L-Carnitine L-Tartrate from Mettle transforms body fat into energy. A much-needed boost of renewable energy. Lactic acid build-up in muscle tissue is reduced by using this product. People who want to increase their muscular mass without developing body fat will love this.

This product is completely safe and made entirely of natural ingredients. This substance aids in the burning of the most difficult fats in the human body, as well as quick recovery from strenuous exercise. With Mettle's L-Carnitine L-Tartrate, you can improve your athletic performance.

Mettle's L Carnitine L Tartrate capsules for fat lose and flat tummy


Here are some common exercises you should do to get flat tummy:

Hanging beard

Start with all four. Your feet should fit over your knees and your hands should be under your shoulders. Raise your knees slightly off the floor. Make sure your back is flat, your feet are hip apart, and your arms are over your shoulders. Put your right hand and left foot forward. Repeat with the opposite leg and hand.  Repeat the movement, change sides. This is the exercise to get a flat tummy.

Bicycle Crunches for flat tummy

Stand back, straighten your legs, and put your arms at your sides. Put your hands behind your head and try to lift your shoulders and back to the floor. Simultaneously bend your left knee and bring it near your chest and bring it to your right elbow. Your knees and ankles should fit snugly between each other. Pause and then bring your legs and arms back to the starting position. Do the same with the other knee and knee.

bicycle crunches for flat tummy and slim waist
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Atheist helps in keep your tummy flat and for a slim waist. Keep your back on your knees and your feet on the floor. Place both hands behind your head without stretching your neck. Now lift your upper body off the floor and bring it to your knees. Don't forget to breathe while doing this. Hold for 2-3 seconds and then slowly lower yourself, returning to the starting position. Breathe in as you come down.

Flutter kicks

Lie on your back with your legs extended and place your hands under your hips. Lift your right leg off the floor just above hip height. At the same time, lift the left leg so that it is several inches off the ground. Your back should be on the floor. Stay in this position for 5 seconds, then change legs, shake the filter kick. To make this exercise more difficult, raise your head and neck off the floor by this exercise you will definitely get a flat tummy if you do it properly.

V-ups for flat tummy

V-Ups is the best exercise for flat tummy and slim waist. Stand on your back and place your hands behind your head. Keep your feet together and point your toes. Keep your legs straight, at the same time lift your upper body off the ground. Keep your house strong, and reach for your fingertips. Lower yourself and return to the original position and get a flat tummy.

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