How to Store Peanut Butter (Refrigerated or not)?

How to Store Peanut Butter (Refrigerated or not)?

How to store Peanut Butter? Or Should we store Peanut Butter in Refrigerator? or Should we store Peanut Butter at room temperature? All the topics we will be discussing in this article along with Peanut Butter storage problems.


One of the healthiest and easiest ways to consume healthy protein along with a nutritious profile is Peanut Butter. It is one of the amazing and delicious ways of consuming peanuts. Famous because of its amazing taste and cheap price, Peanut Butter comes all together in one jar.

It also comes with the goodness of roasted peanuts and a high protein profile fit for everyone.

Peanut Butter Storage Confusions

Peanut Butter has been confused a lot of times when it comes to its storage. A lot of its users are confused about where and how to store Peanut Butter and the most common doubts are whether we need to put Peanut Butter in the refrigerator, should we store Peanut Butter at room temperature only, or are there any special conditions to be followed. Let’s discuss the Peanut Butter storage problems.

1. Peanut Butter at Room Temperature

Mostly, to store the Peanut Butter at room temperature is a good idea as the content in it doesn’t get affected at room temperature. Generally, Peanut Butters have a shelf life of 9 months. So, it is ok to store it in a cool and dry place within its expiry period.

2. Peanut Butter in Refrigerator

Peanut Butter in Refrigerator isn’t a good idea as it is a natural spread used for bread and sandwiches or eaten raw. Refrigerating peanut butter may lead to freezing and hardening of it. Refrigerating of it can also cause the use of peanut butter hard and nearly impossible to consume.

Oil Separation

The most common problem faced by every typical peanut butter user is Oil Separation in Peanut Butter. It is not actually a problem but oil separation in peanut butter is a natural process and it happens due to lack of stabilizers in it. It is the natural peanut oil floating at the top of the peanut butter.

Oil Separation in Peanut Butter generally happens when it is exposed to a warmer temperature. Oil in peanut butter is a sign of natural and healthy products.

How to store Peanut Butter?

The best and the correct way to store the peanut butter is to store is as written on the jar. Generally, it is written that to store it at room temperature or in a cool and dry place but not in a refrigerator.

But what to do, if there are not any instructions provided on the back of the jar? In that case, store the peanut butter at normal room temperature to avoid stiffness and stickiness in the texture. We should never store it in a refrigerator as it will make it stiff and hard to consume for anyone.

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