Eat Oats Daily for Weight Loss & Weight Gain

Eat Oats Daily for Weight Loss & Weight Gain

Oats for weight gain is a perfect breakfast option for all those trying to shed kilos and also for those on a journey to gain weight. An oats for weight loss is a simple and nutritious meal idea for breakfast that can keep you full for a longer time and also support your weight loss. It increases your satiety and boosts your metabolism, which is a must when the mission is to shed kilos.

Whether you have a sugary treat or a savory delicacy, oatmeal is a healthy option and provides the same health benefits. In addition to weight loss, oats can also help one to gain weight when incorporated in your diet plan.

The nutrient value of oats 

Oats are whole grains, which are healthy, affordable, and versatile food grains. Oats are rich in manganese, protein, phosphorus, and iron. The fibre slows down the digestion process and prevents you from unhealthy munching for a long time. Moreover, oats are low in calories and fat, which makes them an ideal choice of food to lose weight.

Oats for Weight Gain

Oats are high in fibre and low in calories. When paired with the right ingredients, it can contribute to weight gain as well as weight loss. In the case of sweet oatmeal, if you add peanut butter, chocolate chips, or sugar, then your daily calorie count will increase. In the case of savoury, using too much oil and starchy vegetables may hinder your progress.

Oatmeal is already packed with essential nutrients like magnesium, vitamin B1, and iron. If you add the correct ingredients, you can get a dose of other nutrients.

Oats for Weight Loss

First of all, pick the right kind of oats. There are three main types of oats: rolled oats, steel-cut and instant oats. The main difference among the three is the way they are processed. Of all, rolled oats are the least processed and contain more nutrients. Flavoured oats are the unhealthiest ones of all, as they contain sugar and are high in calories.

For preparing oatmeal, use low-fat milk, a teaspoon of honey, and lots of fresh fruits and nuts. You can also add a scoop of protein powder to increase the protein content of your oatmeal.

In the case of salty oats, use only a teaspoon of ghee and some veggies like beans, peas, and carrots. Add some salt, spices, and chopped coriander to enhance the taste.

General tips to make healthy oatmeal

If you’re looking to make your oatmeal more nutritious, here are some helpful tips:

1. Avoid presweetened instant oatmeal: Instead, choose unsweetened instant oats, rolled oats, or steel-cut oats.

2. Use spices for flavour: Spices like cinnamon, nutmeg, and vanilla add a punch of flavour without extra calories.

3. Watch your portion sizes: Larger servings of oatmeal mean more calories, while smaller servings mean fewer. To know how many calories you’re getting, read the nutrition label of each ingredient and measure your portions using either a measuring cup or a kitchen scale.

4. Add more protein: This macronutrient helps you stay full and promotes muscle growth after a workout. Options include protein powder, milk, Greek yoghurt, and natural peanut or almond butter.

5. Add fresh or frozen fruit: Fruits like oranges, peaches, and blueberries add sweetness, nutrients, and fibre. You may also wish to try puréed fruit, such as puréed strawberries, for a burst of flavour.


Oatmeal is a great breakfast whether you’re trying to gain or lose weight. Regardless of your health goals, select unsweetened instant oatmeal or make it yourself using rolled or steel-cut oats.




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