Top 14 Anti Aging Foods

top 14 anti aging foods

Do you know what are the best anti aging foods? When we supplement our diet with foods rich in antioxidants, healthy fats, water and essential nutrients, our body will define it through its largest organ: our skin. However, the skin is often the first part of our body to show internal problems, and lotions, creams, masks and serums can do just that before seeing what we get.

Researchers have also found that eating fruits and vegetables is the safest and healthiest way to combat dry skin and fine lines. Are you ready to shine? Here are the top 14 anti aging foods that fuel your body from within.

The anti aging industry is packed with dietary supplements, creams and products known for their ability to soften hair, increase your skin's collagen production, improve elasticity and make you look younger.

But as they say, you are what you eat, so when it comes to the hour fight, what we put into our bodies is more important than the products we have in this section. Experts note that there are many types of anti aging foods you can eat that can help fight free radicals that damage the skin, repair collagen in the body, and reduce inflammation. From omega-3-rich salmon and saffron seeds to vitamin C-rich lemons, there are the some best anti aging foods to make sure you add to your diet.


Add a little guacamole to your salads on the outside, or cut it down for anti aging. Avocados are anti aging and one of the best foods for longevity. Why first of all, it’s fun. But most importantly, avocados are packed with healthy fats and other nutrients to help your body live longer and function better.

Avocados is the anti aging food

Walnuts - Best Anti aging food

Walnuts are a good anti aging snack. They provide you with protein and omega-3 safely and easily. Eat one hand every day. Walnuts are an excellent anti aging food because they contain only a small omega-3 content. These omega three fatty acids are the main tool for longevity. They fight heart disease by improving blood cholesterol. Make walnuts a part of your daily life.

Walnuts are the best anti aging food


Eating vegetables to prevent aging may not be an interesting piece of advice, but eating enough vegetables has a huge impact on life expectancy. Not only this, with the help of vegetables you can make weight loss. Eat five to nine servings a day to help your body repair and live longer.

vegetables are the best anti aging source


Our bodies need water to cope with aging and damage. Drink enough water every day to improve your body function. There are many claims that water can be healthy and can even "damage" your body. Many of these claims are not fully supported by research. However, drinking plenty of water is a good thing, even if it means just not drinking too much sugar.

drinking water is the best source for anti aging


Eat chocolate (not in abundance) for anti aging benefits. Chocolate is one of the best foods in the world. Recent research suggests that eating dark chocolate in moderation also has health benefits for your heart. The antioxidants in dark chocolate protect your heart from aging, damage and heart disease.


For anti aging desserts, keep a cup full of berries. Pack these vitamins and avoid sugar options. Berries is an excellent source of antioxidants and other nutrients. Eat lots of strawberries, raspberries and blackberries to help longevity and longevity. They fight free radicals that harm your body and provide other essential nutrients. Include berries in your weekly diet.

black berry is excellent food of anti aging


"A superfood and a best anti aging food, this beer is one of the healthiest foods you can eat with many health benefits," says Bansari Acharya, MD, Metro Detroit Dietitian. They have strong antioxidant properties that help fight free radicals, reducing aging. Acharya says that blueberries are so varied that you can eat them in salads, or yourself.

mulberry is a good anti aging food

Green Tea

Green tea contains many beneficial compounds such as antioxidants and phytochemicals that can reduce inflammation in the body. "Aging usually causes an increase in inflammation, and the compounds in green tea can fight free radicals that can kill cells," says Acharya. Green tea can be used traditionally or even commonly with match powder so that's why green tea is a good anti aging food.

green tea is the best anti aging source


Leafy green vegetables, such as spinach, are rich in vitamins and antioxidants. These anti aging foods are high in fibre which is great for keeping your heart and digestive system healthy. Acharya says you can add spinach to salads, dishes and even soups.

Dark chocolate

Congratulations, sweet lovers! Acharya says that dark chocolate "can increase blood flow to the skin, thereby increasing moisture in the skin," says Acharya. She says it can reduce the appearance of wrinkles. These foods are also high in antioxidants and help reduce inflammation in the body. You can enjoy dark chocolate or nuts as your delicious anti aging food.

dark chocolate is a good anti aging food


Salmon is another anti aging and omega-3 rich food. The type of omega-3 fat found here, called DHA (i.e. docosahexaenoic acid), is especially important in protecting the brain, heart and eyes from aging. And the bonus: "Studies show that people who include DHA in their diet have a lower risk of major visual impairments, including macular degeneration," says Elizabeth Sommer, a registered dietitian. As an age proof author, your body keeps it. And a member of the Medical Advisory Board on Personal Nutrition.


Pulses, lentils, peas, bananas, kidneys, peas or peanuts, beans are rich in nutrients and also a good anti aging food that promote mental health, such as folate, calcium, copper, magnesium, iron and zinc. The antioxidant phytonutrients in fruits such as saponins and phytosterols can help prevent ear infections and reduce the risk of cancer and heart disease. Try beans in pepper, bean burrito, or pea soup.

Legumes are the best anti aging  food to eat


Collagen is an essential part of our connective tissue. As we age, the supply of collagen to the body naturally decreases. Thus, taking collagen supplements can help combat this natural aging process. Carol Nickel, a registered nutritionist and assistant nutritionist at Persona Nutrition, explains that collagen powder can easily be added to beverages. "It's tasteless and dries quickly. You can add it to your coffee for a delicious, fruity drink."

getmymettle's collagen capsules for anti aging


Mushrooms - Anti Aging food

Mushrooms are high in vitamin D, so that's why mushrooms are also a good anti aging food, which is important for the normal structure and maintenance of bones and plays an important role in developing our immune system. Nickel suggests that the next time you make a meatloaf or meatballs, cut out some mushrooms to add extra nutrients to your diet.

mushrooms is a good anti aging food and a good source of nutrient

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